All kids and adult weekend-warriors need to rehydrate when they’re competing. But are the popular choices out there the best sports drinks for your family’s health?

Here’s how you can find the right sports drink for your little (or not-so-little) athletes:

1. Read the label for sugar and calorie counts.

With an increased rate of obesity and early diabetes, doctors have sounded the alarm that adolescents and semi-active adults are unknowingly consuming more calories and sugar than they are burning. While sports drinks can seem like a healthy choice, they often have higher amounts of sugar than people realize.

2. Choose the right serving size for the size/age of the athlete and activity level.

Many sports drinks were designed for the harsh and extended training rigors professional athletes endure while training at a high level. Without monitoring activity, young and novice adult athletes can easily gain weight and add excessive sugar to their diets. How a 200-lb college athlete hydrates is very different from how a 90-lb child should hydrate.

3. Look for the right mineral and vitamin balance for system rejuvenation.

Choose a sports drink that has the vitamins and minerals your kids need without high levels of sugars that will slow them down.

So how do you know which sports drink is right for your family?

With these tips in mind, you can match the ingredients and portion size with your child’s intake and sports requirements. We hope the information in this article helps you spot healthy sports drink choices for your next purchase.

Stay tuned for more helpful articles and tips.
Until then, exercise and hydrate healthy!

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