Diet drinks are so prevalent and ingrained in our culture that many people fail to see the health risks until it’s too late.

Recent studies show that too much consumption of diet soda can have adverse effects on our health in several ways.

Here are six reasons to consider alternatives before purchasing that next diet drink:

1. Weight Gain

This is not a typo. Research has shown that diet sodas are linked to causing weight gain. Studies by the American Diabetes Association show a link between diet sodas and increased waist size.

Research indicates those who drink diet sodas on a regular basis have a waist size up to 70% greater than the non-diet soda drinkers.

2. Side-Effects of Aspartame

Instead of sugar, manufacturers use a man-made artificial sweetener called Aspartame. This sweetener has received over 10,000 complaints from consumers who’ve had adverse reactions to the ingredient.

3. Brittle Bones

Research indicates a link between chemicals in diet sodas and osteoporosis or brittle bones. Studies found that women who regularly drank colas had almost 40% lower bone mineral density in their hips. This was indicated even when the calcium and vitamin D intake levels were the same for the research group.

4. Tooth Decay

Even when consumed at low levels, research has shown that tooth enamel erosion can occur.

What are the alternatives to boring water?

Now that you are rethinking diet sodas, you are probably trying to figure out what to drink instead. Regular water is one option, but it has no taste. Even flavored water is bland at best. Good luck trying to get your kids to go from the sugary, high flavored soda to tasteless water.

Luckily some choices taste better and provide some actual health benefits. New low-calorie and low-sugar organic drinks offer a healthier alternative to diet drinks and the sugary power drinks served at kid’s sporting events.

What are some important ingredients to watch for when purchasing sports drinks?

Look for all natural ingredients and the inclusion of essential vitamins that help our bodies replenish crucial nutrients. With a little research while shopping, it is possible to find healthier alternatives that taste great for the entire family.

Stay tuned for more helpful articles and tips.
Until then, exercise and hydrate healthy!

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