Young athletes often need a little snack between meals to keep their energy levels up for practice or when getting them ready for game day activities.

Snack time is a perfect time to teach kids about healthy eating habits and about food choices that will help them be more competitive versus crashing from too many sugars and lack of protein.

Let’s face it, the words “healthy snacks” are a turn off for kids, but as parents, we have the elite job of coaching them about what will help them on and off the playing field. Luckily, healthy snacks don’t have to be bland tasting, and we can even make it a little fun for them!

1. Start with Fruit and Veggies

Many fruits are naturally sweet, and low-calorie dips can make veggies taste great.
To make it fun try cutting them into fun shapes. Finding ways your kids can enjoy fruits and veggies is a great habit to start and keep doing.

2. Pick Protein For More Power

Protein adds tummy filling nutrition that builds energy for later use on the practice field or competing in the big game.

Some great choices for proteins include:

  • sliced turkey, roast beef, or ham
  • nuts
  • string cheese
  • cheese cubes
  • hard boiled eggs
  • hummus

3. Avoid falling back into old habits.

When it comes to snack times, a little planning will make snack time quick and easy.

When kids are whining, it’s easy to grab the unhealthy sugary snacks to keep them quiet. That isn’t the healthy choice, and it won’t last long.

The sugar rush is not good for them, and they will crash harder making them even more tired and whiny.

When Planning Snack Time…

Having an energetic child who is ready for game-day makes our jobs as parents easier. Having pre-made snack packs will provide a healthy choice and fill their tummies with the right kind of nutrients. Here are some tips to help you plan nutritious snack times:

Keep cut up fruit and veggies in the fridge.

This will give kids a healthy choice they can grow to love. Make it fun by having them choose an item from the fruit bowl and an item from the veggie bowl.

Have Your Kids Help Create The Snack Plan

Many kids love a structured approach for snacks. Asking kids to help create the snack plan with specific foods on certain days helps kids feel a part of the process, and they look forward to the days when their favorite snack is served.

Turning each snack day into a themed celebration helps make it fun for them to eat healthily.

Stay tuned for more helpful articles and tips.
Until then, exercise and hydrate healthy!

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