We create healthy fuel for active families, empowering all
generations to live happy and healthier lives.

Our Story

Your kid is an athlete. You watch what you feed them at home. You’re conscious about eating healthy and not giving them too much sugar. But then it happens. A parent from your kid’s team shows up. They’re packing a cooler full of sugary treats, toting enough chemical-laced neon sports drinks to “hydrate” an entire professional football team. So what are you supposed to do? Run screaming onto the field, tackle your kids, and knock the high fructose corn syrup right out of their hands? Yeah, good luck with that.

We were right there with you. And it drove us crazy. That’s why we created K+, an organic sports drink formulated with our young athletes in mind. K+ is made with all natural flavors and coloring; it contains only natural and organic sweeteners, and best of all, each drink contains key vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

Long story short: Your kid is running, shooting, hitting, spiking, flipping and kicking like a champ. You’re already ahead of the game. K+ will help you keep it that way.

Our Co-Founders

As a college athlete, Velana Colón was always aware of the impact that nutrition has on physical and emotional wellbeing. But after having three children, her interest in healthy food for busy families became a personal passion. That passion led her to launch K+ Organics.

Savannah James is known as a successful businesswoman and philanthropist. She’s committed to giving back to the community and has launched initiatives that empower youth. Savannah is also a mother of three who’s committed to healthy living, which is what led her to become a founding partner of K+ Organics.

Savannah and Velana Talk Our Newest Flavor