Sports drinks are easy to love because they’re available in a variety of sweet flavors that go down fast and easy after a good workout.

But, here are some things you may not know about the science behind sports drinks:

Sports Drink History

When sports drinks were invented at the University of Florida back in 1965, they arrived in the form of GatoradeTM, named after the Florida Gators.

In 1966, the Gators won the Orange Bowl and word began to spread about what the athletes were drinking during training.

Quaker Mills, the company that owned Gatorade at the time, established the GatoradeTM Sports Science Institute to develop research about sports drinks and nutrition for athletes. Since there, there have been 325 studies on sports drinks and their evolution over time.

Sports Drinks and Sugar

Sports drinks do a great job of hydrating your body, but they do have a potential downside: only some of the sugar will be converted into energy – the rest will be stored as extra fat cells.

Even people who exercise regularly might be consuming too much sugar and calories if they drink sports drinks often. This can lead to unintended weight gain and the common complaint, “How am I gaining weight when I exercise regularly?” The answer may lie in the ingredients in the sports drinks they use to stay hydrated.

A key factor for a healthier body is balancing sugar and calorie intake with the amount of energy being burned. Make sure to check the sugar and calorie counts on the sports drinks you give your kids to make sure you’re not falling into this potential pitfall.

Sports Drinks and Vitamins

During exercise, your body burns essential nutrients and it’s important to replenish them daily. The good news is replenishing these nutrients is easy if you find the right sports drink.

Sports drinks rich in Vitamin B6 can help your body absorb other nutrients (like B12) more easily while breaking down amino acids and boosting your energy.

To be sure you’re supplying your family with the best hydration options after practice or a game, be sure to check the label for low levels of sugar and calories. Also, check that the drinks you give them contain Vitamin B6 to assist with proper absorption of nutrients into the body.

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Until then, exercise and hydrate healthy!

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